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The Human Resources solution developed by BI4ALL is essential for having a single, unified vision of your company's workforce and talent management, which facilitates cost control and justifies investment in human capital.

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Key benefits of the solution:

Branding GoUp!


Characterization analysis of the company (number, average and evolution of Employees)

Inbound Marketing GoUp!


Company turnover analysis (number of admissions, outflows, turnover rate, evolution)

Marketing Digital GoUp!


Analysis of company payroll (total, average and evolution of salaries, salary range to analyse)

Analise GoUp!


Analysis of the company's recruitment process (number of candidates, time and average cost of hiring and success rate per interviewer)

Analise GoUp!

Skill set

Analysis of the skills characterization

of Employees and the company

as a whole and identify

Employee competences

Criação GoUp!


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of Employee Engagement, with an overview of the relationship between Employees and Organization

Criação GoUp!


Aligned with the analysis of skills, it allows understanding the training needs and their impact on the company and Employees

E-commerce GoUp!


Analysis of evaluation processes (total, average and evolution of the evaluation process, employees with higher performance and skills management)

E-commerce GoUp!


Analysis of absenteeism of Employees and the company as a whole (total and average of days, hours and costs, forecast of future absenteeism)

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