Artificial intelligence to simplify your daily life.

In response to new market challenges and the digital revolution we are experiencing today, BI4ALL launches BIA, an advanced solution that uses Machine Learning techniques that will enable you to improve productivity, respond faster and more efficiently, and automate tasks while reducing costs.

Through a cloud-based platform, with a simple and agile user interface, any Organization will be able to implement a chatbot on its Website, Intranet, Facebook and Microsoft Teams, using Microsoft Azure technology.

BIA is born as a facilitator in accessing your company's information. Any Employee, from IT to your company's CEO can access key indicators simply by asking BIA.

A new technological age is at your fingertips. Are you ready to quickly access the information you need and make better business decisions?

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Branding GoUp!


Quickly and efficiently answer simple questions using natural language. Learn and answer questions, reducing time in preparing information.

Inbound Marketing GoUp!


BIA can learn autonomously

from new data, making the

model increasingly efficient

and improving interaction

with humans.

Marketing Digital GoUp!


Your data is safe as

it is not copied to

BIA, always

keeping the same


Analise GoUp!

Ease of Access

Available on your desktop or

mobile phone anytime and

anywhere. BIA speaks several

languages ​​and responds in real time.

Analise GoUp!

Time Optimization

BIA can respond to multiple

users at the same time and in

real time, freeing teams for more

creative and complex tasks.

Criação GoUp!

Simple and Intuitive

Search is done in real time and

orally in a simple and intuitive way.

BIA is available 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.

Criação GoUp!

Automate Tasks

BIA is prepared and

available to meet your

business needs reliably

and accurately.

E-commerce GoUp!

Cost Reduction

By optimizing processes and

operations, reduce costs and

increase the satisfaction of

decision makers.

E-commerce GoUp!

Improved Decision-Making

Faster access to key

information with centralized,

unified management for a direct

impact on your strategic decisions.

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