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Where is Banking and

Financial Services heading?

Learn about global trends for the banking sector and how BI4ALL can help you with digital transformation.

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The Future has arrived!

It's time to rethink your strategy.

Banks and Financial Institutions are facing different challenges, while looking to the future. Digital has arrived and proximity to customers is an imperative towards success.

Technological solutions allow entities to optimize processes, get to know their customers in detail and identify new business opportunities.

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But there are great opportunities



Feedback analysis;

Insights on Customer data;

Customer "journey" analysis



Fully Digitized processes such as Account and Credit Openings;

Chatbot, Web Agents and VPAs;

Contact Center and WFO



Conversational AI;

Fraud Detection;

Scoring and Credit Decision



KYC Bots;

Invoice processing;

Institutional and Compliance Reporting;

Automate everywhere



Data as a Critical Asset;

Data as a Service;

Data Privacy and Security;

Data Governance: Foster a Data-driven culture

Innovation and

Agile Delivery

Nurturing Innovation and culture change;

Innovation Roadmaps;

Customer-centric approaches;

Data science delivery

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How can we make an impact

in Customer Engagement

From a laggard to innovative processes

Time to move

away from laggard and traditional banking

Consumerization of IT

Evaluate servicing feedback metrics (NPS & CSAT) to reduce customer churn rate

Digital channels, mobile apps, website and social networks

Omnichannel chatbots

To a differentiated approach

Engagement rewarding

‘Humanized’ Digital Interactions

Personalized Chatbots

with smooth transition to web agents when needed

Inteligent Apps

for financial self-monitoring care, education and advising

And an innovative approach

Neobanks and new business models to meet customer needs with lighter/adaptative solutions

Insights from customer data

to deliver truly personalized experiences at scale (increase engagement, satisfaction, retention levels and improve revenues and margins)

Feedback from speech and text analysis (Entity extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization)

Access and understand health parameters and emotional clues data from smart devices to build, outline, and provide relevant Money Moments

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for the banking sector

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