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Bringing a new Energy

to the Digital Transformation

Our vision about energy global trends

to allow and support your digital transition

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Time to create a new definition of energy

2020 highlighted several challenges at the most diverse levels for organizations and

companies in the energy sector were no exception.

The global renewable energy focus, as well as all cultural changes (and their impact on

demand patterns), led to the emergence of modernization and acceleration of innovation

processes to generate new opportunities and new business models.

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But we're facing big opportunities too



Feedback analysis;

Insights on Customer Data;

Customer Journey Analysis;



Smart Energy;

Digital Twin Technology;

Internet of Things Solutions;

Blockchain and Smart Contracts;



Complex Demand Forecast;

Grid Optimization;

Predictive Maintenance;

Conversational AI;



Fully Digitized processes such as Order Processing;

Chatbot, Web Agents and VPAs;

Automate everywhere!



Data as a Critical Asset;

Data as a Service;

Data Privacy and Security;

Data Governance: Foster a Data-driven Culture;

Innovation and

Agile Delivery

Nurturing Innovation and Culture change;

Innovation Roadmaps;

Customer-centric approaches;

Data Science Delivery;

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How can we make an impact

in Customer Engagement?

From a laggard to innovative approach

Time to move

away from laggard

and traditional Energy

Consumerization of IT and data democratization

Evaluate servicing feedback metrics (NPS & CSAT) to reduce customer churn rate

Digital channels, smart apps and Internet of Things solutions

Energy as a Service

Rethink processes, products and services

Integrating new approaches such as Smart energy, Digital Twinning of Assets, The Energy of Things solutions

Processes automation and IoT to improve from Manufacturing to Operations

Smart Supply Chain and Network

Salesforce Effectiveness with the right tools and strategies

And an innovative


Energy P2P Networks and new business models to meet customer needs with lighter/adaptative solutions

Insights from customer data

to deliver truly personalized experiences at scale (increase engagement, satisfaction, retention levels and improve revenues and margins)

Feedback from speech and text analysis (Entity extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization)

Access and understand consumer patterns from smart grids to build, outline, and provide relevant business models and tailored solutions

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in other key subjects

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