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Time to bring digital one step ahead

The pandemic has brought new challenges to the pharmaceutical sector, demanding immediate and efficient responses at competitive costs. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions have been excellent allies in the sector in recent times and have meant greater process automation, decisive predictive insights and strategic and intelligent decisions.

The path of Digital Transformation is now urgent, with the aim of providing innovative, efficient and people-centered solutions to stand out from the competition and be able to provide effective responses.

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But we're facing big opportunities too



New business models to meet patient needs;

Feedback Analysis;

Insights from Patients data;



Digital engagement Platform;

Digital Services and Planning tools for Healthcare providers;

Supply chain optimization;


Point of Care

Care delivered through digital channels and IoT devices;

Personalized treatments baseline;

Customers Data Control;



KYC Bots;

Sales force Effectiveness;

Stock Automation;

Automate everywhere!



Data as a Critical Asset;

Data as a Service;

Data Privacy and Security;

Data Governance: Foster a Data-driven Culture;

Innovation and

Agile Delivery

Nurturing Innovation and Culture change;

Innovation Roadmaps;

Customer-centric approaches;

Data Science delivery;

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How can we make an impact by involving your value chain?

From a laggard to innovative processes

Time to move away from laggard and traditional

Consumerization of IT and Data Democracy

Evaluate servicing feedback metrics (NPS & CSAT) to reduce customer churn rate

Digital channels, smart apps and digital point of care

Omnichannel Chatbots, virtual agents and 24/7 virtual care

Rethink processes, products and services

Customer Journey continuous improvement along the new business models and patient expectations

Salesforce Effectiveness with the right tools and strategies

Smart Supply Chain and Network

Research and Development through big data, genomics/proteomics and collaborative research data

And an innovative


Digital Engagement Platform engaging both patients and doctors

Empowering patients by owning their health data assisting with education, self-monitoring care and lifestyle management tools

Feedback from speech and text analysis (Entity extractions, sentiment analysis, summarization)

Access and understand health parameters and emotional clues data from smart devices to build, outline, and provide relevant moments and personalized marketing

Discover how to have advanced and impactful analytics for the Organization

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for the Pharma and Medtech industry

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